Install Works but hangs on desktop

I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 and ran the live Gnome CD. everything works until I install. The install goes fine and it boots fine but when i log in it just hangs at the desktop with a spinning cursor. No menus no nothing just the wallpaper? Help please!

Did you try the failsafe boot option?
What graphics device do you have? (From my quick search I get: ( ATI Moblity Radeon HD4250)

Assuming it is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 then I think it should work with openSUSE-11.4, although when typing “man radeon” and “man radeonhd” it is not so clear.

As caf4926 noted, if you can boot to a text mode or to a GUI with one of the following boot codes in the first grub boot/splash menu (type the code so that it appears in the options line’) then it would help to better tune your graphics, … ie try either code and boot nominally (and try the other if the one fails):

  • nomodeset
  • x11failsafe

or simply select the FailSafe boot option.

Nominally openSUSE-11.4 should try to boot the ‘radeon’ graphic driver (assuming modesetting works). With the boot code ‘nomodeset’ openSUSE-11.4 should (assuming no config file edits) try to boot to the ‘radeonhd’ graphic driver. And with the x11failsafe boot code, openSUSE-11.4 will try to boot to the ‘fbdev’ graphic driver (which as used during installation).

After that we can look at doing edits to either a configuration file, or pointing to the proprietary AMD Catalyst GNU/Linux driver (which purportedly supports an HD 4250)