install without X

How do I install opensuse without X?

I need a console installation because X keeps crashing when trying to configure the matrox G200 multi head display card. I can load the live CD when I remove the card and use the internal intel graphics but if the matrox card is installed it becomes the default display and crashes.

I would like to just install as a console so I can install the proprietary matrox drivers from the command line and then load X and a desktop. I can’t find instructions anywhere. Will the mini iso allow me to do this?

this was easily accomplished using the ftp installation cd

see this link to solution of matrox setup problem. the Yast graphics card application still does not work but my screens are.

Matrox g200 + Intel motherboard video - openSUSE Forums

There is no need to reinstall. If the X crashing prevents you from login to the system and get a text console login prompt, boot from the CD/DVD in rescue mode. Once the system is up, mount the root partition in /mnt, for example.
Edit the file /mnt/etc/inittab and look for the line

You should change 5 to 3 (or 1 for maintenance mode)

Save and quit.
Sync twice
Umount the root partition
Reboot normally.
You are done. Now you´ll boot in text mode. No graphics.
Now you can tweak your X from the command line without hanging/crashing the hole system. Once your X works fine, revert to 5.

Hope this help.