Install with extern monitor

Hi, I move from Win to SUSE :-).
I install Suse 11 on notebook with pluged extern monitor, but when i un-plug this monitor then no screen is visible - only black screen.
In “failsave” it works but in normal ee :frowning:
(and I tryed clone screen- nothing)
SUSE detect only ext monitor. Manual settings of resolution is not working.

I assume that you had the external monitor when you installed Suse(welcome to this new world). Most probably xorg.conf created an entry and is not aware that this is in fact an external monitor. maybe you can give us these details( login as admin), the contents of the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I’m not really confident that these are the steps and i don’t want to get you in a deadlock, but most probably at the grub menu you should type init 3 which will get you in a console mode and then the “sax2 -m 0=VGA” command would install a basic video mode for you and then startx. But i would suggest to wait for a confirmation from a more experienced user in the forum as I’m not sure about sax2 command.

the easy solution would be to upgrade to openSUSE 11.2 I know 11.3
handles two monitors because I use my acer aspire netbook as a regular computer and it easily disconnects from the external monitor when I decide to go to Starbucks etc with it