Install with existing Fedora 8?


I have a ThinkPad T61p on which I installed Fedora 8. That has major usability issues for me (tcsh does not work correctly), and I would like to install OpenSUSE 11 in parallel to see if it works better. The disk is set up under LVM, with /, /boot, and /home partitions, and I’d like to keep the existing /home (of course), and make new / and /boot for SUSE. However, the automated install seems (as best I can interpret its screen) intent on removing all the existing partitions and starting from scratch. How do I get around this?

Also, when I go a little further into the install, I find that it’s asking me for a “desktop” selection. I don’t use a desktop: I use the fvwm2 window manager. I loathe both gnome and KDE, and don’t know what XCFE is. How do I get the SUSE installer to do something reasonable here?


Choose the Expert mode in the partitioner.

You may need to adjust the uid of your account so that you own your files in /home. Hopefully FC8 is using the new convention of starting uids at 1000.

When it asks what desktop you want choose other and then you get to pick your WM.