install webcam

I installed linux (suse 11 gnome) 2 days ago but I can´t install my webcam (quickcam messenger plus). Please, could you help me step to step? I don´t know almost anything about suse.
Thank you.

Well first of all you need to add the webcam repo. Start Yast and at the software section click Software Repostories. There add from the community repostories the openSUSE BuildService - Drivers for webcams repo.

Next check this page: Linux UVC driver & tools and see if your webcam is supported.

If it is then in Software Management install the uvcvideo webcam driver(just do a search for webcam) which is appropiate for your kernel flavor( uname -r in terminal gives you the kernel type).

If it’s not then try it anyway, if it doesn’t work then try some of the other drivers in the list.

Hi. Thank you for your help. I added the drivers from comunity repostories but i don´t know how can it configure. Moreover i search my webcam in the list but it wasn´t. What can i do…
Thank you for all.

Well you need only one. The uvcvideo driver will work for most cases. About configuring well I don’t really know. Try configuring it from the software with which you will use it. Install luvcview to see if it works:

sudo zypper install luvcview

i installed it as you told me without any mistake, but i try to connect it in amsn and it says me that there’s no cam. what can i do?

In this web Quickcam Messenger & Communicate driver for Linux i download the driver but i don´t know how i install it? i need help… is very difficult linux…

Did a bit of searching and it seems that you can download the driver you need from here:

Install instructions you can find in the readme file.

Does it work? If not some terminal output could help.

i downloaded gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz but i don´t know how can i install… linux is more difficult than windows… is very very very dificult to install a simple driver… help pleaseee I run the file read and install but it dissapear

Generally it isn’t difficult, there are however some cases, such as this where drivers can cause problems. Before continuing, you seem like a new linux user, just wanted to make sure if you tried all the drivers(only one installed at a time) from the repos?

To unzip the archive type: tar -xvzf archive_name in terminal. Then in the folder created, there should be a readme file. You don’t run this file, you have to view it. Try viewing in Midnight Commander(mc). Try installing it without the compilation part, some build command if I recall correctly(it’s in the readme), if not then hope someone else will come up with a solution.

i didn’t try the drivers, i installed what they told me but i don’t know how to execute them. could you tell me how to do it step by step? i’m new in linux (3 days ago), so i need that you explain me all the details, please.

Well in that case forget a little about what you downloaded. Install a driver, test it, if it doesn’t work then try another one(keep in mind to install the one compatible with your kernel). One of them might work(they usually do that’s why I’m telling you to do this).

Once a driver is installed it’s considered loaded. Installing software doesn’t require reboot in linux. To configure it do it like you would in windows, open up let’s say skype, or something similar) and use the configuration from there. So please before continuing further try installing the drivers in the repos, one by one and test it after you installed one. Let’s hope one of them works.

Most webcams work out of the box with 11.1. Mine (Creative Notebook Pro) never worked straight away but does now. I think this is also the case with the quickcam messenger plus. Have a look in this thread and see if you can get anywhere with it.

i think that i have a problem with firewall. The amsn says you are behind of a firewall or router… in the router i have to open the port but i disconected the firewall and i dont get other message different always you are behind of a firewall or router I don´t know what can i do

AMSN should still find the camera and be able to use it even if you had a firewall set wrong. You can enable open the port in the firewall to allow file transfers with AMSN. This is what I have done together with forwarding the port on the router.

I tryed with Kopete but the image of the webcam doesn´t appear. My webcam is logitech quickcam messenger plus and when i do uname -r it says I can´t connect it… Can to be problem of the kernel? Just i don´t to do please help me… :(:(:frowning:

Some older versions of kopete(the one originally shipped with 11.1 has a bug, which prevents webcam from displaying). Try it in other programs, such as aMSN or luvcview(DO NOT try it first in kopete for it will kill all other posibilities!). Try it in some other software before you try it in kopete and if it works then it’s kopete related. And also if you haven’t tried ALL the drivers from the repos yet, now it would be a good time.

i have tried it yet another programs but it doesn´t work in this kernel there isn´t another form? nobody has installed it yet pleaseeee helllppp meeee im desesperated