Install VLC without internet connection?

I have openSuse 11.0 installed on a computer that no has internet access at all and i need to get VLC on it (or something that can play avi with mp3 audio). I looked on the vlc site but they seem to only offer installs via package manager or terminal. What can i do?

Take a look at doctorjohn2’s how-tos. For example this one for 32-bit PCs:
OpenSuSE - Selected Packages and Dependencies (i586 & i686) - openSUSE Forums

I believe this is his 64-bit package:
OpenSuSE - Selected Packages and Dependencies (amd64) - openSUSE Forums

I have not used the above, so I may not have this 100% accurate, but I believe your solution is there.

I believe he packaged vlc with those packages.

You may want to check this link out
Mutimedia pack 2009 for openSUSE11.1 « Weblog Tecnologico

It has both (S)Mplayer and VLC so you even get to choose what to use :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome! Thanks a ton!