Install vid card, network card doesn't work.

Hey all,

This is weird.

I am using an onboard intel video card (D945 chipset). Anyways, I want to install my ATI X300 64meg video card. But when I install the card and boot up, my Intel Pro1000GT network card quits working. I remove the ATI card, and the network card returns to normal.

The D945 doesn’t reach my native resolution of 1680x1050, so I am trying this X300.



Try, after installing the ATI, to turn off the computer and completely unpower it, that is, if its a laptop, pull out the battery and unplug the power cord, if a desktop unplug the power cord and switch off the feeder (should be a red switch on the back)

This way you completely discharge the chip, which might retain some wrong settings thus causing the network card to work improperly.
I had a problem of not connecting in a dual boot and that completely solved.
Worth a shot, its simple , quick and risk free

It is easy first as root execute the next comando:

sax2 -p

In order to see your available video cards then do next:

sax2 -r -c #

Where # is the nvidia chip number of your video card 0 or 1 it depend, and then you will have your video in function with your video card.

The network card maybe should be reconfigurated with ‘yast2 lan’ and see what the logs says about it, and if you keep having issues post the logs please.