Install via WiFi — inherent problems?

Going to install Leap on my wife’s laptop(not Optimus), and would like to do,it WiFi if it won’t cause problems.

I know it is possible, but also heard(seen) that it can be somewhat difficult.

Best to hard wire rather the WiFI. WiFI will work if the WiFi chip is recognized. It may not always be.and may require a binary blob driver to function

I regularly use wi-fi for installing and have found no problems with installing as such except on one HP all-in-one computer; if you use the net install, it asks you to set up the wi-fi connection at the start; it that fails, you obviously aren’t going to be able to proceed.

If you are using the command line to update an existing installation, then it has to be from 42.3 to 15 and 42.3 has be fully updated.

The only gotcha with Leap 15 which was not fixed when I did my most recent distro upgrade of a friend’s computer is that Network Manager corrupts /etc/resolv.conf. So when you reboot after the initial installation, you have no wi-fi. The answer is simple; open a console,

su --

and give your password,

rm /etc/resolv.conf 
init 6

Thanks, that is how I will do it.
But I disabled the on board WiFI (in Windows), and put in a Realtek WiFi dongle that is capable of 5G.
I will have to look at the BIOS to see if I can disable the on board WiFi there eventually.

If not, I guess I foresee problems with setting up the Network Manager or YaST to keep the on board WiFI from being used.
The Realtek dongle does have a small DVD that has a Linux driver on it.
I hope that made sense.

It seems most realtek stuff needs a proprietary driver.

It maybe possible with the driver on hand you maybe could work around the installers need but it is just easier to just plug it in for the install

Looking at the information that came with the WiFI dongle(readme’s PDF’s etc), the Linux drivers my not work due to their drivers being limited to older kernels. We will see at install time if the dongle is even recognized by the installer, and then Leap.