Install via serial console on Pcengines Apu3

I’m trying to install Leap 15.1 on a Pcengines APU3 via serial console. When I boot, I’m able to see a terminal screen that says Welcome to openSUSE Leap 15.1 with a list of options (e.g. hardisk, linux, upgrade, …). When I select linux, it begins but than goes to a blank screen with a solid cursor in the upper left after loading initrd. I tried entering linux cosole=ttyS0, but the same thing happens. I’ve also tried ttys1 and ttys0.

Is it possible to do a console installation? If so, what steps do I need to take?


the answer turned out to be: linux console=ttyS0,115200n8 .

I see this is an old thread, how are you starting that installation? USB media?

The APU3 board is what you call an “embedded system” which typically has a non-x86/x64 CPU.
These kinds of systems don’t typically support or is “installed” the way a typical x64 laptop or server is installed,
Instead a “ready to run” image is created that is highly customized for that CPU, GPU, I/O devices and other hardware targeting that board, and is then copied to the storage device.

When the device boots up for the first time, it sees the “ready to run” image on the storage device, finds the boot partition and commences its boot somewhat like a normal system (but subject to the image’s specific software).


Thanks, I’m familiar with this. I have an APU2 and an older Alix 2d3. I’ve never found a good opensuse image. I’ve done BSD, debian, and other images
Did you build this image, or is it something you downloaded? Would you be willing to share it, or is it already on suse studio?