Install Ubuntu inside container for playing purposes

Many years ago I read Kernel driver must match Mesa and driver version. I know AMD provides only closed-source for and Mesa components. I can use full openstack GPU too, but:

  1. Which containerization technology did you suggest (I think docker would be the best choice)
  2. How to install Ubuntu inside container
  3. Should I use closed or open source GPU drivers
  4. Should I use installed on my system or on Ubuntu
  5. How to start Ubuntu installed inside this container
  6. Can I mix different mesa/ version
  7. What the restriction of mixing above
  1. Docker is a good choice. But, I expect that almost any container solution should work fine, and there are at least 3 I can think of off the top of my head. Try any you’d like.
  2. Depends on the Container technology. Typically though, you never “install” anything, you download and run a ready to run image. If you use Docker, these images are available from Dockerhub. If you run LXC, IIRC openSUSE provides some basic images including openSUSE images. Other container technologies will do things differently.
  3. Depends on your system and hardware, but I’d expect that your decisions will be similar to installs on metal.
  4. You should look up the most recently written guide for your container technology and OS that’s available. Follow a guide and stick to it.
  5. You don’t start OS in containers, they are always set to run on demand instantly, so just start up the container. Applications running in the container <may> be different if the container doesn’t contain only the app.
    6.In general, since containers are OS and apps running on metal (no virtualization layer involved), your decision will depend on what is in your container’s base image and the hardware of your machine.
  6. Relatively few gotchas. A container is really running another OS or application directly on the metal of your machine. Very few things are virtualized, for instance you may/will want to string together containers using sockets or networking that might not be shared with the HostOS.

Many of your questions will be quickly answered if you simply get your feet wet, and by using guides that get you started illustrating some clear principles and topics. I’m kind of proud that the Docker articles I wrote in my Wiki are pretty good at this…

If you’d like a quick intro to using Docker, I’d recommend the articles I wrote in my Wiki, they were based on the standard tutorials on the Docker website at the time, but modified to use openSUSE commands. Docker has become a lot more complex since then, but the “First steps” basics in these articles haven’t changed. Skip down to the Docker section, I’d recommend first the Install, The article on accessing the container should still work, but nowadays there is a better way to do that without requiring a 3rd party app, and the article on creating a Docker image is very important (It’s now you can customize by installing your apps and configurations with the changes persistent across restarts… Otherwise you’d have to rebuild what you want every time).

Although it can be done, I’ve personally had limited interest in running containers with a Desktop although it’s somewhat popular. Almost all my work has been to use containers as reliable, efficient, Production quality deployments of business apps.


On Fri, 22 Feb 2019 15:06:03 +0000, Lachu wrote:

> 1) Which containerization technology did you suggest (I think docker
> would be the best choice)

Docker is only a good choice if you’re running programs from the
distribution. If you want to run a full desktop, you’re better off with
something like VirtualBox.

VirtualBox uses its own emulated graphics adapter, so you don’t run the
drivers for the host system.

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I installed Ubuntu 18.04 inside systemd-nspawn container by downloading iso, unpacking it by ark, using unsqaush program. I also installed graphical drivers on Ubuntu. I connect to host X and Pulseaudio. Neverwinter Nights have the same error on Ubuntu. Should I use X from Ubuntu? I tries to run it, but I cannot to switch VT. I think the game doesn’t use server-side font rendering, so probably there’s no need to run Ubuntu’s On both system NWN: EE render Polish letters (characters) incorrectly.

I will test NVN: EE on Ubuntu on VM in near future.
I also have debootstrap installed, but don’t know how to download Ubuntu by it, so I use technique I described.