Install Tumbleweed with Cinnamon ONLY

I recently installed TW with Gnome, and I’m a big fan of it, but I also like Cinnamon. So, I thought I would also install Cinnamon along with it (testing in VM first), and noticed that it also brings in many MATE elements, and icewm, as well.

Furthermore, when I try to log into Cinnamon (again, this is in VM only at this point), it never arrives at the desktop, it just hangs at a black screen indefinitely.

What gives? Why the MATE and icewm stuff along with Cinnamon? Is there a way to install Cinnamon only, from the beginning (without Gnome, as I did)? Does the NET installer allow for this?

I’m not a cinnamon fan, so I don’t really know.

If I wanted to do that, I would use the NET installer. When it gives a desktop choice, I would choose “generic desktop”. But that’s going to want to install Icewm.

Later, after the partition section, I would click on “Software” at the summary screen. And there I should be able to select cinnamon. Possibly you can also deselect Icewm at that point. And if it has selected MATE, you could try deselecting that, too.

But note that I have not tried cinnamon, so I don’t know how that will work out.

Personally, I would keep Icewm. It is small, and a good fallback in case your preferred desktop is broken.

Absolutely! The space it requires is trivial, and it doesn’t interfere with any other DE.

I haven’t had to make a fresh install of Cinnamon for a long time, but hope you’ll still get some value out of this 2017 post in the Unreviewed How to and Faq section:

This produced a Cinnamon desktop with an IceWM fallback. I don’t know of a way to install Cinnamon without getting IceWM in the bargain.

I haven’t looked at a Cinnamon install that closely,
But if you select it during the initial install and not add it as a second or additional DE, you should be assured that it’s installed the way the Maintainers intend.

Although not documented officially (Unknown why the people who make decisions broke the ability to easily install alternate DE in the installer shortly before releasing 15.0),
The way to install any Desktop that’s not Gnome or KDE/Plasma

  1. On the “System Role” page, select “Generic Desktop”
  2. On the “Installation Settings” page, click on “Software” which launches YaST Software Manager to modify your software. Do a search for “Cinnamon” and install it.


Thanks for the replies, folks. I ended up going with a pure XFCE system instead. Everything works very nicely.