Install tumbleweed via chroot method

Hi guys,

i am new to Opensuse.
I’d like know if i can to install Opensuse Tumbleweed via chroot method.
I see that i only can use the official installer…
To understand us, I would like to install opensuse like arch, gentoo, void etc…
Is that possible or am i writing stupid things?


Go back enough years and chroot was the common way to run isolated processes.
But, nowadays I rarely hear people running a chroot except for quick, temporary situations.
We have a multitude of newer technologies nowadays that can run isolated systems and processes starting with “just isolation” technologies like docker, lxc, systemd-nspawn,
hypervisor based virtualization like Virtualbox, VMware, KVM, Xen,
And even some lesser known hybrids like User Mode virtualization.

If you want to run a chroot, there are even some “improved” ways to do that including Firejail.

If you want to chroot, you can do so, too…
If you can’t find a good guide how to do it, I’m sure we can help get you off to a good start.

Most questions that are about running applications and systems in isolation, or virtualization or emulation are ususally posted to the Virtualization forum.


I never wanted to do manually what the installer does automatically. Why do you want a manual installation?

Even if the opensuse installer is the best installer on Linux in my opinion,
I don’t know if the installer can cover all use cases.
For these reason i prefer to do it manually if it’s possible.

That’s why autoyast was created :wink: Or if of a mind roll your own kiwi image SUSE Studio Express

Cool! I’ll have to study a little but it seems amazing.

By selecting detailed package selection there is little customization that is not possible. If you use the NET installer, you won’t be downloading anything not required by your selections. One package that the installer requires is wicked, unless NetworkManager is included. Systemd-network to the exclusion of the other two is not permissible until after installation is complete.