install to sda5 & 6 with EasyBCD

Apologies because I see many threads similar, but none that expressly answers my concern…
I have successfully got distros like Heron, Mandriva and SIDUX to install to 60Gb sda5 as /home and 20Gb sda6 as / [root], with GRUB in sda6 and Vista EasyBCD pointing to that “Neosmart GRUB.”
My EasyBCD points also to that single drive’s first partition where XP64 is installed – a triple boot system (Vista is default).
I have the 11.1 beta 2 live KDE CD; hardware recognition is fine (a first with openSUSE!), so I’d like to replace the Sidux currently in sda5 and 6.
But, the OpenSUSE installer wants to do all sorts of fancy things with partitions. I don’t want LVM, swap or anything other than the approach that works nicely with the aforementioned distros.
To save tears and hours of repair work, what install instructions should I use?