Install themes

Please show me how to install themes by use terminal. I tried install by APEARRANCE PREFERRENCE but it respond " can not move directory over directory ! Thanks a lot:’(

Hello sadsorry,

Could you give us more information?
Which version of openSUSE you have?
What sort of theme?

Where did you got this message from?
Terminal or a dialog? Or something else?

Best of luck!:wink:

Oh, sorry! I’m a newbie. I use suse 11.2. When I open Appearance at system>look and feel ! the first time i install themes, it seem to be alright but when i click customize to choose icon, windows border … may be had an error because i can’t choose colors or icons of this theme. then i tried to install again and the message appear - - Upload ảnh]( ( sorry i don’t know how to upload image :D)

Suse 11.2 gnome 2.3.8 and i tried to install reuben theme ! thanks

Hello sadsorry,

I don’t use GNOME myself so some information could be wrong.

Open a filemanager and go to this directory:


Look for a folder named reuben or something like that and delete it.
Then try to reinstalling the theme.

Good luck!:wink:

I tried ,but there is no “reuben” file in floder themes in nautilus!

Hello sadsorry,

Maybe it has a different name?
Could you post the output of these commands:

cd $HOME/.themes/

Good luck!:wink: