install the TK/TCL

I try to install the TK and TCL on my computer, i have open suse 11…

i wrote in the shell this…

$ tar -zxvf tcl8.4.5-src.tar.gz
$ cd tcl8.4.5
$ cd unix
$ ./configure
$ make


$ tar -zxvf tk8.4.5-src.tar.gz
$ cd tk8.4.5
$ cd unix
$ ./configure
$ make

The problem is in the “$ make”, because, show this messenger:
“bash: make: command not found”

Somebody can help me

Bad idea.

Better idea - go to YAST / Install Software and search or tk and tcl.

Alternative good idea:
su -
zypper in tk tcl

Further information:
These programs are available in the distribution itself - you do not compile them or any other software either. You acquire them from so called repositories where packagers pre-compile these files for end users (like yourself) for easy install.

TK and TCL and both located in the 11.0 Main OSS Repository.

I agree. But anyway if you want to be able to compile programs by yourself you have to install at least make and gcc. Again they are available trough yast