Install Syntek DC-1135 Cam on Suse 11.1

Hi all,

I am having some difficulties on getting my packard bell bu45 webcam to work on opensuse 11.1

This cam is a a Syntek DC-1135 and I have been able to use it succesfully on Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.
On Ubuntu, the procedure to get it working was the following:

Luke Hollins Clog: Asus Syntek Webcam Installation on Linux (Fedora 8, Asus F3S, F3SA)

On Opensuse it just does not work. I have tried UVC driver but nothing happens. When I run lucview I just see the icon jumping but then nothing happens.

Even worse… when I try to install the syntek driver from repositores (stk11xx-kmp-default) I get a weird error message:
nothing provides kernel(default:drivers_usb_core)=…

Can someone be so kind and help me sort this out?