Install Suse having XP

Hi, it’s my first time trying Linux and I have a BIIIG question. I allready have Win XP on my PC, if I install now Suse, will I be able to choose which OS boot when I turn the computer on? Do I have to do something during the install or is this automatic? Thanks to everybody. Bye

P.S.: Sorry if my english isn’t the best :rolleyes:

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The openSUSE bootloader, GRUB, will create a boot menu containing windows and Suse as boot options. You don’t have to do anything – it’s automatic

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just wanted to add that, if there’s not enough unpartitioned disk space for Linux, Opensuse will try and shrink the existing Windows partition. It is very important to have Windows scandisked and defragged before, plus a backup (of course).


Hi, thanks to both. Finally I’ve made to install Opensuse without deleting XP hehe, but just one question, when opensuse starts, I can’t use the mouse, it won’t move. I’ve tried with a wireless mouse and with a normal mouse with wire. Any idea?? Thanks to everybody

I can’t help with the mouse. If you don’t get a response it might help to start a thread titled “The Mouse froze after installing Suse” or something that will attract attention from rodent lovers.

The wireless mouse sometimes if you use two OS
you have to press the button with the name connect on the receiver and mouse to get the mouse working
The normal mouse what kind is it ?


I assume your keyboard works? When your PC boots, you can run a program to configure your mouse.

When running X (gnome or kde) Press <ALT><F2> to bring up a command line and type “yast2”. Enter root password when prompted. Then navigate the menu’s with your keyboard arrow keys to the Hardware section to configure your mouse. Select a mouse driver that functions.

You will likely need to restart X afterward.