Install Suse 11.0 From Hard Drive

I cant burn dvd’s. I want to install Suse 11.0. Will this work?

  1. Create a partition for Suse 11.0 iso download.

  2. Download it.

  3. Turn off computer restart with live unix cd. (i.e.,Knoppix)

  4. dd if=/Suse11.0.iso of=/dev/sda bs=1024 count=(however many needed)

  5. Reboot.

  6. Will the installion of Suse begin, and then allow me to install on a partition available on my hard drive that wasn’t dd’d, then resize the new installation of Suse partion over the dd’d area?

Any ideas how to install from an iso on a hard drive appreciated. I’ll write the steps out clearly for this thread if I anyone/everyone can help me get to a solution.

Have a look at some of the Install Howtos at the following;

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Your procedure will not work by itself, but it is a step in the right direction. Look here Installation without CD - openSUSE. YaST can install from an iso or its contents, or the network, but you need to make the system bootable. This link describes several approaches. The closest to yours is “Installing from data on your machine”. However, if you have a broadband connection, also consider a network install. Besides the howto linked above, there are at least a couple of others in the howto list linked in the prev post.

If you have VMWare you could just create a virtual disk then install it using the DVD ISO into VMware when that’s done make a copy of your image using ghost copy it onto another partition and then reboot using ghost and copy the image to the partition, but this is only assuming you already have VMware and a ghost boot disk… you can download a boot for a floppy disk if you can use that as well.