Install Stalls Almost Immediately

The white progress bar has barely showed and the install just stops.
This is a live cd install, latest stable version.
The machine is a Shuttle XPC SB52G2, with Intel Chipset. Memory test is fine and it was previously running Windows XP.
How do you find out how far it got ?

JackSpratt wrote:
> The white progress bar has barely showed and the install just stops.

is this the install of openSUSE to your hard drive (from clicking on
the install icon on the fully booted CD’s desktop?

or is it the initial boot of the CD that is stalling?
is it a white progress bar on a solid black background, or on a green

did you burn the disk yourself? from an iso which postively checked
100% perfect when you ran the md5sum check against it? and, then
checked the disk itself?

how much RAM?


Booting from the CD, a green screen appears with a list of options. I choose the first

OpenSUSE Live (Gnome)…
Lots of disk whirring and then 20secs later it freezes (grey strip on green background with teensy progress bar)

I changed video mode to text (which should really say ‘details’) and it shows a text list of booting activity. All goes well and then the screen fills with garbage.
Looks like video RAM is being overwritten at this point.

I’ve checksumm’ed the disk and it’s 100% OK. (It was also verified after being written)

It’s a 1GB machine.

Thanks for the reply, hope this helps.

What’s the video chip/card in the machine?

Did you try booting in video mode VESA?

Did you try other boot options, like ‘acpi=force’ and ‘acpi=noacpi’.

And NO, this should not be called ‘details’ since the difference is between a graphic boot splash and a text based boot splash.

Does the screen realy throw garbage at you. or is it spitting out messages you don’t understand? Forgive my asking, this would not be the first time someone calls the boot messages ‘garbage’ ;). I would be very interested on what it spits out just before freezing.

Are you sure the system hangs? I’ve met machines that took ages to create a graphic config for a Live-CD (sometimes over 20 minutes).