Install specific kernel

I everyone,

I am new to OpenSuse and not familiar with the inner workings. I have installed no problems the Leap42.2.

My problem is: I need to install a specific kernel version: 4.4.21-69-default. Anyone knows how to do that?

I have done already:

zypper se -s ‘kernel*’

but the oldest version available is 4.4.27-2-default ( the one I am currently using).

The reason for such specific kernel is that is supposed to work with MPSS3.8 (the software to handle the Intel Xeon Phi hardware), and I the 4.4.27-2 does not seem to work…

Any help?

(I do no have the funding to simple purchase the official Suse version)

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like what you need is the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12SP2 - and the good news is that you can get a 60-day trial of SLE with updates from:

Trial here does not mean that the software will stop working, it means you won’t get further updates and security patches nor do you have to buy it at any point if you do not want to.

But from what I can gather, you want to test things and 60 days gives you ample time to do so (and as I said, it won’t stop working). Use the same credentials to download it as you did to post here and remember to choose SP2 and not SP3.

And if you need help with SLE, please visit the where they mostly talk about SLE, people here mainly use openSUSE.

Thanks for trying to help.

As I said, I do not have the funding to get Suse, so it is not just a test: I will really like to make it work with OpenSuse! (Of course I could use Suse and simply do not do any updates, but it sounds like the last option…)

There is truly no way to do this? Also, there is a way to install Suse and then use the repos from OpenSuse for the updates? That will be another option.


Then read MPSS readme two paragraphs further down and follow instructions to rebuild package with openSUSE kernel.

(Of course I could use Suse and simply do not do any updates, but it sounds like the last option…)

This is exactly what software you are trying to use recommends.

Again, thanks for trying to help.

However, I have already recompile MPSS as instructed in the README.txt file of the MPSS3.8 however when I get to the point of loading the driver:

modprobe mic

the system hangs. As everything else seems OK, the suspect number one is the kernel version. (In that sense I could test that hypothesis with the evaluation version of SUSE, I guess…)

I had a working machine using an Ubuntu 14.04 and old MPSS (I used the instructions at ). The latest MPSS has make a lot of progress, and I also wanted to install a more recent kernel (4.4.x). I know what many of you will think: do not break something that is working…

What is done, is done. I can always go and re-install Ubutnu14.04, but I just did not think it would be that hard to install a specific kernel in OpenSuse!

All the best,