install software priority and updating the system

Hello everyone, I’m new to openSUSE but not to Linux world. I’m totally amazed of suse stability and speed.
Everything works out of the box just perfect! I searched suse wiki but I didn’t managed to find information what i need.

1.Can you tell me or give me a link about Linux installing software , i know for apper but sometimes there is no data base for what i need. I tried out Yast but that some how not installing dependencies for that program,it install just basic i ques … E.g. i really need RecordMyDesktop program(or some other just to work)… but i dont know how to install it…

  1. Can you explain me or again give me a link where i can learn how to stop my systems of updating , just maybe let secure updates to work?

I’m familiar of terminal so that won’t be a problem but my English can be :slight_smile:

p.s. i used to use Slackware for about a year but then i was installing programs with sbotools… Slackware is parent of opensuse, right?

Take a look here;

Covers some basics. You’ll want to add Packman as in the instructions and you’ll get a lot more software available to you as well as things that cannot be included in the distribution - it also explains how installing dependencies works when you’re installing from a 3rd party repository like Packman.

There is also: where you can search for more software. However, please read the guide first.

13.1 has a built-in updater that takes care of it. If you wish to manually update the system, run **zypper ref && zypper up **(as root or with sudo)

zypper is SuSE’s package manager.

ref means “refresh” repositories (fetch information about the newest available files)
up means “update files”, meaning install any updates.

There is nothing left of Slackware in SuSE - it’s like T-Ford is to a Lamborghini.

Follow the guide here

Once it’s done and you have made the package switch to Packman
Don’t use Apper (I uninstall it)
Just run

zypper up

or yast software manager and like this

Just to be sure that i understood , using **zypper or yast **I’ll get most of software (with all dependencies) i need. I added pacman repository but I’m not sure would it work automatically now with zypper and yast?

And last question : Is it somehow possible that I installed VLC player twice? I couldn’t find it on system so i installed it via some click button(really really amazing future for suse, the best so far I’ve ever seen in linux) . I think it was this site : And when i open suse** start button>applications>multimedia** i saw 2 icons of VLC…
Currently it’s not a problem, everything works fine but it might be?

p.s. My temperature is lower for 7 Celsius than on other Linux distros :slight_smile:

Epic system !

When you add a repository via YAST (or via one-click) it becomes part of your software catalog and all the applications will be found either via zypper (from the command line) or from YAST / Apper from the graphical user interface.

Think of it as a bookshelf with each repository representing a book. Once you put the book in, you can find it from your bookshelf and the information contained in that book. When you remove the repository, you can no longer find files in it like you wouldn’t find a book in your bookshelf if you removed it.

By the way, try pressing ALT+F2 and type vlc or videolan into it or other commands :wink:

Just follow the guide and don’t add the VideoLan repo to get VLC, just use Packman