Install/ settings advice for Win XP & Suse 12.1 KDE r5 dual boot

Hi folks

I’ve been repairing my laptop for the pass couple of days,and I was able to clone my old harddrive and installed a new 500gig WD blue Scorpio WD5000BEVT in my dell vostro 1000 today. Decided to go with the earlier model of HDs because I heard of some issues with the new advance format drives.

Just wanted your advice before installing Suse for the best allotment of space for the partitions.

From what I have read

Shared FAT32
Suse Ext3

how would you go about spacing each of those? I have some older programs I need to run in XP so I assume I would need alot more space for windows.The shared would be mostly media files.

thank you in advice

Suse ext4

3 partitions swap,root,home

sizes on a lap
swap 2X memory
root 10-20 gig depending on how much you intend to install
home what ever you need for personal files

Thanks for the help Gogalthorp :good: That just made things alot easier for me.