install scanner benq

Hello, yast recognizes benq scanner installation in open suse 11.2, but not gimp image capture, can someone help …,

I see this is your first post. Welcome to these Forums.

Your problem description is rather scanty. Please try to imagine that the people reading this have no idea what you have there or what you are doing and seeing. Most of them have no crystal balls and thus do not know which desktop (KDE, Gnome, other), which program you are using, what happens when you click where and what messages are shown (or not).

Thus the chance is great that people do not even look at your problem.

Is your scanner detected with



scanimage -L

You should have the sane-frontends package installed, which containes xscanimage, necessary for scanning from gimp. It should then be accessable from


As well as scanning via gimp there are standalone utilities as well:

xsane (a gtk scanning app)
kooka (kde scanning app)