Install .rshd Package in SuSe 11.4 without internet connection


I have a problem installing .rsh in SuSe 11.4 without internet connection. I posted this question in the german section around one week earlier, but because i dont get any answer, i try it here too.

Thats the Problem:
When i try to get a connection to antoher PC, using

rsh 'hostpc'

it works fine, but I wanna use the “-display” and this requiers an rshd running on my pc.
But when I try to see the status of this service using

service rshd status

it tells me “service: no such service rshd”.

I think i have to install the rshd, but the only package i found in the internet was “rsh-server-0.17-722.1.2.i586.rpm” but i can’t install it, because there are not supported methods in it :question:

Thanks for help

you are aware that 11.4 is basically dead
it past it’s End Of Life a long time ago Nov. 2012 – last year
currently ONLY 12.2 and 12.3 are supported

see: lifetime
Lifetime - openSUSE

please use a supported version of OpenSUSE
12.2 or 12.3
or the soon to be released 13.1

rsh IS in the old 11.4 DVD
install rsh.0.17 from that

Thx for your answer, the problem is, that 11.4 is used on most of our machines and i have to use 11.4 :frowning:

I will try to install from CD and if that doesnt work using the packages u posted