Install requests CD1

Hi, I tried upgrading from 11.1 to 11.2 but it failed. I tried repairing, that failed. I then tried an 11.1 repair that failed.I thought ok I’ll start afresh. Repaired the MBR and deleted the Ext3 partions. Now even if I use the DVD disc used for my original 11.1 installation, it fails, requesting CD1. Is this an image issue?

Did you run the media check?

Yep, it came up with the same error, which makes me think it’s the media. But if it is why did it work ok before?

I wasn’t aware that it had worked properly before.
Ideally if you can test the disc on a different computer it can help establish with more certainty the real cause of your issue.
Or if possible try a disc in your computer that you know is good.