Install Programs on an SD Card

Hmm … as i said, im running OpenSuse (11.1 with the included KDE(4.1.3 i think)) on my eeePC 701 4G. The eeePC has only got 4GB of internal SSD storage, and right now, nearly completely configured, and with mostly all programs i need at the moment i’ve got 700 MB of free space. But i’ve got a SD card (16 GB) which is normally in the integrated SD Reader. When i was running Windows (Xp) i used to install my Apps to this Card. Now, as I’m using openSUSE i don’t find any option to set in Yast or somewhere else to set the installation Directory. I also tried to mount the card to “/” - bad idea, the system failed to boot, i had to start it in failsafe mode and remofe the fstab entry … so is there any way to solve my problem?

mfg Dacollo

Try this:
When you install suse, leave the sd card in and make it your /home partition.
This will allow you most of the internal storage for progs.
Linux generally uses /bin and /usr/bin for program files.
Just make sure you always have the sd card in the card reader.
If this doesn’t work, try one of the other distros that allow usb/sd installs.