Install problems...

The following error comes while installing the boot manager. I’m not a Linux guru by any means…just in a position where I’m the best (of the bad here) to try and do this. I’ve tried downloading a new image in case that was corrupted and I’ve spent the past week or so googling and trying everything I can possibly think of. I have an Intel Server Board S5000VSA with 4 GB RAM. From the error message it appears a driver might be missing, but I don’t have a clue how to add a driver during the installation or even which driver is missing…and maybe it’s not a driver at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the error message:

An error occurred during initrd creation (along the title bar), then in the description area:

Kernel image: /boot/vmlinuz-
Initrd image: /boot/initrd-
Root device: /dev/disk/by-id/dm-name-ddf1_MegaSR__R1_#0_part6(/dev/dm-5)(mounted on / as ext3)
Incorrect number of arguments


<device> may be device name or -u <uuid> or -j <major> -m <minor>
<fields> are comma-separated. Use ‘help -c’ for list.
Table_file contents may be supplied on stdin.
Tree options are: ascii, utf, vt100; compact, inverted, notrunc;
[no] device, active, open, rw and uuid.

Fatal storage error. Device /dev/ does not have a driver.

You’re trying to install 11.1 on a server class system I think.

OK, make sure you are using Net Install CD, or DVD NOT the Live CD which is desktop oriented and has more limitted set of drivers and doesn’t use the full openSUSE installer.

You might find some help searching in Bugzilla, it’s a long time since I battled with 11.1 on “tricky” machines so my memory is vague at moment.

You may need to strip machine down somewhat to get it installed, and then run updates and add hardware back in, planning to move root & /boot filesystems later.

Good Luck!

first, will this system be used as a server, or a desktop system?

then, what operating system are you trying to install?
openSUSE 11.x or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)?

i ask for these reasons: if you are installing on a business system
you probably ought to consider purchasing SLED because it kinda sounds
like you are gonna need some commercial support (everything here is
free, and VOLUNTARY helpers do what we can)…AND openSUSE is a very
short live system (18 months) while SLE is several years of solid
support (you don’t wanna go though this every 1.5 years, do you? and
your needs are above my technical ability to help with, and i’m not
nearly the least experienced here…

if you are installing an openSUSE product (as the OP said) you need
to install from the DVD to have a higher chance to service that server
board’s needs…try that first…and, when you get to the install page
where you are asked to pick a Desktop (KDE or GNOME, etc) you are
gonna be miles ahead (on a server) to select the last on the list,
select other and then minimal text install…which is gonna be close
to what is on the SLES install…

and, if you don’t go to SLES (and their more often around real, and
paid gurus) then we need to get the attention of the some of the more
experienced commercial server operators around here to peek in this
thread (unfortunately, your subject “Install problems” probably won’t
pull them in, because it could as easily be the latest Redmond Ship
Jumper who is too busy to try…which is not you, or your problem)