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I have a multi-boot system and use Boot Magic as my menu manager in order to keep my operating systems seperate and independent. I currently have my hard drive set up for 7 operating systems, eCS (IBM OS/2), Windows XT, Windows XP, Xandros 3 (Linux), and 3 other Linux distributions. Xandros is currently my primary operating system and has been for several years but I’m looking to replace it because Xandros has stopped supporting the desktop environment so I’m trying other distributions. So far I’ve tried Ubuntu, GNU Linux, Linux Mint and I wanted to try openSUSE. Problem is, openSUSE’s installation program seems to be a “one-shoe-fits all” program and it doesn’t fit my system. The latest problem comes when it tries to install the boot loader. I get the following error message:

"GNU GRUB version 0.86(640k lower/3072k upper memory)
[minimal BASH_like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the the possible completions of a device/filename]
grub>setup -stage2:/boot/grub/stage2(hd1,9)(hd1,9)
Checking if “/boot/grub/stage1” exists…no
Checking if “/grub/stage1” exists…no

Error 15: file not found

After getting the above message I opened another Linux distribution and mounted the partition where I’d tried to install openSUSE and I found that there was a “stage1” file located in the “/boot/grub” directory although I don’t know if it was a good file.

I also noted the openSUSE didn’t seem to like my Xandros system which uses a Reisert file system. It flagged it more than once and wanted to deleted it in the disk phase of the installation.

I also tried the openSUSE 11.1 live cd which doesn’t even get to the live stuff because my video system goes bonkers. I suspect NOVELL is trying to automatically configure the video which in my book poor judgement because video systems (at least older ones) are prone to problems when vertical and horizontal rates are not set correctly. In any case I think the automatic configuration is a poor choice for regular installation.

With all that said is there anyone out there who can help or might have some as to what I might do?

Please post output of ‘fdisk -l’

GRUB and Boot Magic are alternatives. So you need to use expert partition mode in openSUSE to stop it installing GRUB and set up Boot Magic to load it. Alternatively, replace Boot Magic with GRUB for everything.

GRUB overwrites the mbr with a pointer to the GRUB menu within /boot; AFAIK this means that whatever is on the mbr does not point to the GRUB menu.

That could simply be that openSUSE assumes a minimum size for its base install and has found a partition which will enable it to reach that minimum base size. You can stop it using that partition by going into expert mode and ticking the partitions on the hard disk that you want it to overwrite; it will then adapt its installation to the space you have allocated, even if it is below the normal minimum it tries to find, unless the space is ridiculously small.

The installer uses its own video setup and, in theory, should configure your video correctly. If it doesn’t, use sax2 from the command line to try and sort it out.

Yes, you have a real trash can. There is no way all those OS’s are going to play nice. Make up your mind, get a life, and wipe the drive clean. Get over it, and install OpenSUSE. Ahh! There, life is simple. You have the best operating system on Earth. I have been using OpenSUSE for 10 years. Yes, I did the same thing as you did. After a year of torture, it really was, I just stuck with SUSE. Now I’m a happy man. Also, people with all these weird problems don’t clog up the help channels. KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Yes, it works. Nuff said.

Master Rod

rrdonovan wrote:
> There is no way all those OS’s are going to play nice.

hello “andreasen” and welcome to openSUSE…i’d say that “Master Rod”
is entitled to his opinion, but i suggest that it is certainly okay
(and possible) for you to have as many different operating systems as
you wish…AND force them to play perfectly nicely on the same
machine…(however, you know you do have to give Redmond a very short
leash, or he will run WILD!)…AND, yours is NOT a “weird problem”
undeserving our attention…

i’m familiar with Boot Magic (as i was around in the OS/2 world when
it was invented to FORCE Redmond to allow something else on any
machine it thought it owned…

you are welcome to stick with Boot Magic, of course, but this may be
helpful in the future: “How to install and boot 145 operating systems
in a PC”

i don’t have specific detailed help for you but think your problems
can be solved by selecting expert partitioning during the install
phase (as already mentioned)…

and, maybe this Partitioning/Install Guide will be helpful:

Have a lot of fun…