Install problem for laptop nvidia drivers with 11.4

In a fresh install from DVD I do a new boot and root partition and try to direct Yast to the repo for the Nvidia drivers. Yast does not want to connect to any repos in the installation system.

I let it do the Network setup and use DHCP then the list of community repos comes up blank. I also tried to enter a URL for Nvidia and it just won’t connect.

This wouldn’t be a problem but the generic driver does NOT work on this laptop and did NOT work in 11.3 either.

The vid card is NVIDIA GeForce 7150M in the HP Pavilion dv2715nr.

When the install completes and reboot starts the display is scrambled as soon as the kernel loads so runlevel 3 doesn’t work either.

When I got 11.3 to work I was able to see KDE enough to run Yast and install the correct drivers, but this time I can’t see anything but scramble.

Can I pass some info through GRUB so the kernel can get happy with this display?
At least then I could run my desktop and install Nvidia.

Can you boot to yast like this
Boot to Level 3, then Yast and More…

That does work, SORTA. The display is stretched goofily so I can only see top half of the display. So I’ll have to fly blind on the lower section.

I got it with that I couldn’t see the commands to invoke changes so the trick was to tab forward to the first stop then tab back one (shift + TAB) to focus on the Accept button.
FYI for anyone who runs into this. To confirm GPG key for the repo you must TAB twice.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Well done