Install Pritunl client

Hope this is the correct forum for my question.

I’ve been trying out openSUSE Tumbleweed and I like it very much. So I want to use it as my main OS on my laptop for work. I’ve been able to install, set-up and configure everything I need and want.
Except for one very crucial piece of software. My company is using Pritunl as their VPN solution, but there is no installation option for openSUSE. They have software repositories for different Linux flavours like Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, but not the one I want. I could not find any rpm or deb package either.

Is there a way to use the Fedora repository in openSUSE? Or another way to get a package?

I found the code of the client on github but there is only an installation script for Macos. And my knowledge of Macos or Linux is not sufficient enough to tweak that script.

[Pritunl-client-electron]( is an open source openvpn client.

Just use standard openvpn client or NetworkManager openvpn plugin to manage connections.

Lol. Is it really that easy:shame:

Never picked up that clue. We used to have openvpn but the new Devops team said that Pritunl would be a better alternative, so I never assumed it was still openvpn.

Tried it. It’s a bit of an hassle with the 2FA but it seems to work. So nothing holding me and openSUSE back anymore.