Install Printer HP PSC1215 on Opensuse 11.0

PSC 1215 installed on OpenSuse 11.0.

After installation of OpenSuse 11.0 I could not find any entry in the list of printers suggested by Yast.
After some searching on the web I could manage to install it thanks to the HPLIP page
HPLIP stands for HP Linux Imaging and Printing
HPLIP is a complete imaging and printing system for CUPS that includes HPIJS.
HPIJS is the basic printing driver that supports printing from CUPS, LPD, PPR, and other spoolers.
To do it I:
1: downloaded the following the links Download and install → Download the automatic installer
(ended at Downloading …)

2- from a terminal (as a standard user) cd the directory where the file had been downloaded and run the file with sh command , answered a lot of very simple questions like “Are you using OpenSuse 11.0”

At the end of the process I was warned that I had to install some mandatory dependencies. I did that with Yast keeping my terminal open.
Leaving and reentering the process 3 or 4 times (I mean quit the process and reenter the sh command).

I must admit that the printer did’nt work properly instantly. I had to use Yast and confirm the choice of the driver in the classical way.

Among dependencies some were optional. I choose the ones necessary for scanning and any others things.

At last I got a printer functioning properly and a very nice Hp Printing manager.

Time required around 15 minutes.
I hope this will help.

There is no PSC1215 driver listed. I have used PSC1210 which has worked perfectly for the past two years since 9.3.

Forgot my first post there is a simpler way.

Yes, you are wright, there are no HP 1215 driver listed and so was it with previous version 10.3. I also use to use the HP 1200 with 10.3.

But the trouble here is that there even is no HP 1200.
In fact it’s a sort of trap due to the fact that when you use a usb printer you are naturally conveyed to chose usb in the list of choices proposed by yast in the normal thread of installation.
In fact, there is a line at the bottom of the list proposing to install hplip for hp devices (I didn’t make it out first but discovered it when installing 11.0 on an other PC)
If you chose this first, hplip is installed and a lot of hp printers are added to the list of drivers. After that, you can then use the normal way to install your printer.
I have a great respect for programmers. Specially for the ones who made such a beautiful and powerful thing as 11.0 but I would permit me a friendly remark. Please think that standard users do not have your skill and knowledge and that when they have to answer the question “how your printer is it connected” and where it actually is a usb one they naturally answer “usb”.
The main thing to remember from this story is, as we say in my country: 'a quelque chose malheur est bon". Rougly “to someone misfortune is good”. It was good indeed because it obliged me to deepen my knowledge of printing system (I mean CUPS) and I feel now richer and fully satisfied by the wonderful tool I have (understand 11.0)