Install other Linux Distro's in DomU under Xen?

I’ve setup a server running OpenSUSE 11.4 64bit and configured as a Xen server.

I was easily able to install another OpenSUSE 11.4 installation in a DomU and also a Windows DomU. However, I have major issues trying to install CentOS 5.6 in a DomU.
For example, if I install right from the DVD, I get a kernel panic using HVM and a “can’t find disk, choose disk driver” error using PVM.

Please help! Some of our server applications require a RHEL5 host distro which is why I’m running CentOS 5.6 for those services.


I am not an expert, but you should not say a DomU for each distrib you install. On a Xen system, you can only have one DomU. The distros you install are in Dom0 domain. :wink:

For the DVD of the CentOS, did you check the integrity of your media ?

Hi I have a suse 11 host with Xen and 5 xen vm’s. However when i restart a specific Vm, the xen host crashes.

Looking for some help.

Sorry , if it is the wrong thread . pls guide me to the correct thread in that case,