install opensuse

hey i have a compaq 2005 PC which has 4 drives of 19gb.i want to install suse with win XP but as i dont want to partition my drives can i empty one of the drives and install opensuse exclusively only on it.

Yes you can install to One of the HD’s, but you do need partitions on it.

but i have a fully empty HD(E:) does it still need partitons . cant opensuse simply use the whole drive .

but i have a empty (e) drive . does it still need partitions. cant suse install on the whole drive.
and could someone please tell me the whole process as i am a newbie .

Boot the install media and make sure it’s good
Then reboot it
Follow it to here:
Then here:
You can select the HD you want to use entirely and the installer will do the rest

If you want to see the process in more detail:

But to answer your question. The installer will still partition the drive like this

Just to add:

It’s not like windows. Linux keeps your personal files etc in a different partition called /home
The system installation goes to root or /
swap is a bit like the page file in windows, sort of virtual memory.

Though I am just wondering what the installer will do with such a small HD, you said 19GB?
Ideally in that situation, I wouldn’t make a /home partition

So if you can follow the guide and partition manually, I would suggest
swap 1GB
/ (root) everything else

You will still have a /home but it’s combined in to the system section.