Install openSUSE on SD card


I have found it’s impossible to install openSUSE on an SD memory card. I have a notebook without HDD, only SD card is available.

Googled this link about this bug:

The distribution installation initrd needs to

  1. include and auto-load the sdhc.ko and sdhci_pci.ko kernel modules 2. create the /dev/mmcblk* device nodes as per udev/hotplug events

The actual distribution installation program needs to

  1. recognize /dev/mmcblk* as block devices that can be used as target device 2. use a grub-install or similar program that can discover the bios drive number to /dev/mmcblk* device name mapping

The bug is reported here: and the status is RESOLVED

I’m now trying the latest 11.2-Milestone6 and it still can not see any hard drives

So, will it be possible to install openSUSE on SD card?