Install OpenSUSE on an externe USB disk and boot from it.

Hi All,

I want to install OpenSUSE on an external USB disk and boot from it using the F12 option on the laptop.
I wan’t an independed installation because the normal disk is encrypted.

Is there a way to install on a USB disk and plug it everywhere in to run it.
I tried a lot but somehowe I can’t start after a power off.

Firstly, You have to ensure that the laptop supports booting from usb, and that it is turned on… Some laptops don’t support it. Secondly, You have to download the opensuse iso, and download poweriso then extract the contents of the iso to an empty usb. If that doesn’t work you could simply just copy the iso to the usb.

Good Luck!

You can use SuSE Studio to create a customized install that can be
built as a Live CD/USB.

If you want to use a standard install, just download the iso image and
follow the instructions here;

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