Install OpenSuse like wubi?

Is possible to install OpenSuse without touching the windows partition ? Something like Ubuntu wubi.

So… I don’t want to resize, format, touch the windows partition… And I don’t need a separate partition for linux…

You could always install Virtualization software like VirtualBox or VMWare and run SuSE inside of those.
AFAIK, SuSE doesn’t offer anything like wubi.

Though, if you are serious about using SuSE, I’d recommend a separate partition anyway. Resizing is not as dangerous as some make it sound, I’ve done many a resize without problems. (Just make sure you do it when it’s not likely your power will go out :slight_smile: )
Giving SuSE its own partition and SWAP space etc. will vastly improve performance… though it will run fine in a virtual machine… but without any fancy 3d effects.

As VintagePC noted, you could run openSUSE in a vmware or virtual box session under windows.

However that will result in your openSUSE running much slower and IMHO one loses a big part of the benefit of running openSUSE Linux. If you wish to do a serious trial of any OS (and not just Linux, but also BSD or other flavours of Windows), then it really should have its own partition(s) on one’s hard drive. To do any less can lead to a complete misinterpretation of the capability of the OS one is trialing.

Further to this, if one wishes to do an easy trial of Linux, then simply run from the live CD. For example if one wishes to play with openSUSE-11.0 with KDE-4.1, then go to the site and download, burn (as an image file), and boot from this live CD: “KDE Four Live” CD](