install OpenSUSE in a RAID 5 system


I am new in openSUSE, I want to install openSUSE in the PC that is using the on board RAID 5 controller(Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R).

Is it possible to install openSUSE in the RAID 5 PC and anything need to consider when I install openSUSE?

Thank you

If it’s a true hardware RAID, it should be totally invisible to the OS - everything is handled in the controller card.

Personally, when I setup RAIDed machines, I usually have one non-RAID disk for the root partition, and only use the RAID disks for data. (This works beautifully on a system with 6 disks - 4 for the RAID stripes, 1 un-RAIDed, 1 hot spare).