install opensuse 13.1

After that was installed Open Suse 13.01 on the laptop, which originally was the position it for Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 installation succeeded and for some reason did not watch out for the table divisions flew from my Ubuntu 14.04 So you re-installation of Ubuntu 14.04. Also once but got me the following:
1: When you reboot after the completion of the installation of Ubuntu 14.04 flew out of my boot loader, and you restore it Repair-boot program
2 2: When you try to access the distro Open Suse 13.1, which is focused and I have already after the appearance of the login screen for the Open after Susie and I was writing the password does not enter the final distribution on the Open Susie and comes to me the following message:

[RIGHT]connt enter home directory using /.
[/RIGHT]When you press the OK button. Also comes message is:
[RIGHT]call to lnusertemp faild ( temporary directories full ?) chick your installation
[/RIGHT]Please help me
With best wishes[RIGHT]


It is a it confusing.

Sounds like you may not have set a home partition and maybe not allowed enough space on the root partition.

How much space did you give to openSUSE’s root partition?