Install Opensuse 13.1 on ASUS X205


I have problems installing Opensuse on a brand new ASUS X205 notebook from a USB drive. This machine comes with Windows 8 with a 32-bit UEFI. The steps that I usually take to install using a USB drives on older machines fail as the machine refused to boot to the USB drives (while older machines accept the drives just fine).
I found a post describing the successful installation of Ubuntu on this machine ( but I am not linux savvy enough to understand how to transpose the solution in the Opensuse environment.

Any help would be appreciated


the 32 bit EFI may be a problem. AFAIK the EFI stuff is all 64 bit even on a 32 bit OS. Someone else not too long ago had the same problem and I believe was also on an Asus. I’m pretty sure there was no solution. At least not with out going to MBR format.

With out reading the whole thing it looks like the Ubuntu solution is to recompile grub to 32 bit. See no reason you can’t do that with openSUSE but it does look a bit tricky for a beginner