Install openSUSE 12.3 or 13.1 on Acer C720-2848 Chromebook

I am able to boot both of the above live KDE versions from USB sticks following instructions from another distro. However the touchpad does not move the cursor. I can boot to a console. I assume that the touchpad hardware is not recognized. Can someone suggest how I should proceed towards a solution?

I would prefer not to switch to another distro having tied myself to openSUSE since 9.1. Thanks in advance.

Hello, if you can read Simplified Chinese, you can follow the wiki I just wrote, I think I could create the English version later.
It’s not very difficult, I read something about how to install a linux dist on Arch Linux’s wiki

To fix the touchpad issue, we need to compile the kernel with chrome laptops patches provided by Benson Leung, see
Download the kernel source from, exact to /usr/src

# wget 
# tar xfv linux-${version}.tar.gz
# cd linux-${version}

apply patches,
for kernel version < 3.13

for patch in 3078491 3078481 3074391 3074441 3074421 3074401 3074431 3074411; do
  wget -O -$patch/raw/ | patch -p1

for kernel version > 3.13

for patch in 3078491 3078481 3074401 3074431 3074411; do
  wget -O -$patch/raw/ | sed 's/drivers\/platform\/x86\/chromeos_laptop.c/drivers\/platform\/chrome\/chromeos_laptop.c/g'| patch -p1 

and then, compile & install the kernel.
After that, reboot your system, the touchpad should work now. If you use KDE, you can install synaptiks to configure the touchpad, if you use Gnome, you can configure it in gnome-ctrol-center->mouse & touchpad.