Install Opensuse 12.3 from USB Key

Hi guys,

I’ve unpacked the OpenSUSE 12.3 DVD image to a bootable USB key with grub installed. The image is under /suse on the filesystem. I’ve set up grub to be able to boot the installer.
My workflow up to this has always been to boot into it, let it fail, as it doesn’t find install media and in the CLI terminal, tell it to install from harddisk, choose the usb key and direct it to the /suse directory. Then it would boot into graphical YAST fine. This procedure worked up to OpenSUSE 12.2.
However since 12.3 it tells me, that it didn’t find a repository. I can only boot into the Rescue System this way.

Does anyone have any idea, what might be necessary to get this specific way of installation working again? Or maybe has a better idea for installation in a multi-boot usb environment?

Thanks for any advice!

Londy to the rescue

thanks, guess one has to look in the right place …

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