Install. OpenSuSE 12.1 - black display/no keyboard-mouse shortly after menu


First I would like to say that I’ve installed lots of Suse and this since SuSE 7.1.

I’ve downloaded OpenSuse 12.1 ISO DVD for i586. I’ve succefully burned it with K3B. I’ve booted it and the welcome message has appeared and then the menu. I’ve chosen check media. Media was ok. I’ve then chosen intall. Some lines have been displayed and the last one was linux console detected on /dev/console. After that my display has become black (sleep mode), I had no more illuminated leds on my keyboard and system was frozen.
So I’ve downloaded OpenSuse a second time and burned it one time with Nero on a Windows PC and with brasero on a linux machine.
The same thing has appeared with the two dvd. So I’ve tried to install on another machine : same problem.
Desperate, I’ve bought openSuSE12.1 “in box” (2dvd and manual). The same problem has happened with this distribution.

Does someone have an idea how to proceed ?


Since you bought the boxed set you can use the official help. LOL

Ok sounds like a video problem. You might try a text install or tell use what the hardware is.

In addition to telling us about your graphic hardware, you can also try a Safe Settings install. Or you can try using the boot code ‘nomodeset’ in the options line when the 1st green DVD/CD boot installation screen appears during the install. A text install is also a possibility … but its graphics during the installation is not quite as nice, and is a bit more difficult to navigate (as one needs to use the TAB, Enter, SpaceBar,and Arrow keys to navigate in the text install).

Thanks for your answers.
I’ve installed on two machines with different displays. I was so sure that the problem was the dvd or the image because I’ve often had this problem that I just forgot to take a look at the graphic hardware. The two machines have the same graphic hardware (probably assembled at the same time with the same motherboard but the box is different) chipset intel 82865G. After backup finishes I’ll try to install with the option ‘nomodeset’. If that is not allright I’ll try text install.
Thanks again.

Still would help if you tell us the brand and model of the video card.

Run the media check on the dvd/cd to check the media. That will tell you if the media copy is good.

The graphic card is on board.
The motherboard is an AsRock P4i65GV (Intel 865GV+ICH5 Chipsets)