Install Opensuse 11 from disk?

The CD drive on my system is fried and I cannot use it to install anything. I have downloaded the OpenSuse11 ISO onto my hard disk. Is there some way for me to install this without the need for burning a CD?

If it matters: my system is a Dell 600m with 512MB of memory.


it is possible… you could make live flashusb or try to install from internet or another computer throw the network… of corce you need to enable boot from what you will use in your bios… and make some preparetions…

Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to post instructions to do this?

Live USB stick - openSUSE

also i just use google to find more links convert livecd usb|flash windows - Google Search

if you use windows this could be more usefull

Thoughts of a coder » How to convert your live CD iso into a live USB

SuSE install with PXE boot - openSUSE

try read this if you want to boot from the network… I try once and has bad experience with this… but if you have enough time you should be lucky :slight_smile: