install Open suse

I have already installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my computer.
I ame willing to install OpenSuse11.0 to.
Can I get in detail what I must do during the installation?
If possible in Dutch please.


If you have a little more specifics of your disk partition layout and what you would like to do, it will give you better feedback from others.

The installation process itself is quite simple except for the fact that you will have to give some thought to where you want to install (partition wise).

there are two issues at this moment that stand out (specific for 11.0 , not the case for 10.3);

  1. don’t install with reiserfs - or if you do set the correct mount options - I’ve had no issue with it, but without the correct mount options your system might ’ freeze’
  2. Select to uninstall/non-install beagle (in the software selection during install) if you are install GNOME as default DE. It’s also causing some problems (i think it has been resolved with a patch, but it’s not included in the install media).

Other than that it should be a smooth ride!

Again, if you post specific questions we can answer more directly. :wink:


I hope i can give you the requested details.
Memory 1011.2 MiB
Processor: AMD Athlon™XP 2500+
Free Space: 59,7 Gib
Hard Disk 71,1 Gib.
Partition: (systemmonitor) /dev/sda 1 63 Gib /dev/scd1 4,3 Gib
Ubuntu 8.04 Kernel Linux Gnome 2.22.2
Notify that I just a beginner.

I’m just passing by: check this link: NEWBIES - Suse-11.0 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums especially item 7.

Check your mail :wink:

> If possible in Dutch please.

not that you are not welcome here…you are, but there are at least
three Linux User Groups in The Netherlands…

listed on are:

sure, they will be involved with all the various distributions…but, i
just bet you can connect with someone who can help you with SuSE in your
native lingo!!

on the other hand, english is (becomming, if not already in fact) the
lingua franca <> of the
internet…and, practice makes perfect :wink:

Don’t know whther you still need this but here is a guide/review in Dutch.