install on new HP laptop always boots to Win 10

Have a new HP with AMD-10 processor. Installing 42.2 with default partitioning, after first reboot (and power cycle) only WIN 10 comes up, no grub screen to choose OS. Then fiddled with the partitioning a bit: reformatted /home and / partitions. Same result.
I don’t see in this partitioner a way to set a partition to “bootable” as I recall from previous versions.
I’m not very familiar with EFI. If I delete all the Win 10 partitions and go with openSuse alone, will the install disk take care of EFI?

If you press F10 and in the BIOS boot options can you select the openSUSE efi entry and move it before “Windows Boot Manager”?

If not, then if you press F9 and boot you should be able to select the openSUSE efi file to boot from and it should boot to openSUSE?

Thank You! Never would have found that in a week.

Ok guessing that you installed openSUSE in legacy mode rather then EFI boot mode that means you can not chain from one to the othe. When you force the EFI boot to openSUSE does the grub menu show Windows 10 as an option?? can you change the default boot in the UEFI (BIOS)?? It can be changed from Linux if need be.