Install on AMD Chromebook

Has anyone installed our favorite O.S. on this AMD A6 Chromebook?

It comes with ChromeOS? If so likely need to put in developer mode for the install…

I have it in developer mode. Where do I find further instructions specific to opensuse? Thanks in advance.

There are many online instructions to install Ubuntu, which I don’t want to use. And as I understand it thet leave Chrome OS through which you start Ubuntu. I want do remove Chrome completely.

So is it ARM or x86_64?

It’s x86_64

I have a (normally) bootable Gecko Linux USB as suggested by tsu2. But then since there is no access to the BIOS it only boots into Chrome OS.

Use the key combination (Google restore ChromeOS) as if your wanting to restore ChromeOS from a USB device, then it should boot?

Won’t boot. It reports that it’s not a Chrome OS USB.

Did you disable OS verification?

Does this help:

Yes I used that page to install Gallium three years ago on my Chromebook that lives in another country, isolated by Covid travel restrictions. But this one is brand new and the architecture is not supported by mrchromebook. I did manage to install an older version of Ubuntu on it with problems. The only browser that runs is Firefox, and I can’t get rid of the Chrome OS that requires me to log into Gmail to start Ubuntu. There’s nothing wrong with Firefox, but I prefer Opera, which causes the Chromebook to shut down without any reported error. In any case I don’t like being logged in to any Google page.