Install of Leap 15, kde live hangs at 95% installed


After a great length of time I thought I would give Leap 15 the kde live version a try on my Dell Latitude E5430. I had used suse since 7.0 for a number of years before landing in ubuntu land. I ran the live version, thought things looked great, everything worked. So I decided to install. Everything looked good until the install routine got to 95 percent and then it hung. By the way the media checked fine before I installed. Any ideas. The next couple of days I am somewhere where I don’t have axis to another machine to download and burn a new stick

Thanks for your thoughts,


Hi, welcome

That’s not a good start. How long did you wait for it to start? I’d try with either the NET iso or the DVD iso. Not much more to say, without info from the system

Well, I will be home wednesday, can still do some things off the live disk and will redownload as you suggested and try again.

Thank you

Mark Corbin