Install Odoo 8

How to install odoo 8 in openSUSE leap 42.3?

Looks like a user has built odoo 9.x.x on OBS, or do you specifically need 8?

Why would you want to run an ancient version of Odoo? If it is development/maintenance, then go for docker. And if it is production use, go for docker. There is really no point in running Odoo as a native installation. Get or create a base image on whatever Odoo prefers (Ubuntu for the old versions, Debian for the newer versions), track your code/addons in git, and link the checkout into the container. For production use, copy your stuff into the container and commit/push that to a registry with backups. Use a separate Pg container matching Odoo’s recommended server version. Use persistent storage for data files including database files.

With any version of Odoo rigorous configuration management is essential or you will either lose track of addon versions or, worse, lose data.

Having said that. It is possible to get Odoo running on Opensuse. I did that years ago when vagrant/virtualbox was the preferred development platform. With the advent of docker, all of this is unnecessary and it will probably create more headaches than anyone is willing to suffer. Just go for docker. You will not look back once you get the basic setup straight.