Install Linux 11.2 on laptop with Windows Vista installed.

I am trying to install openSuse 11.2 on my laptop which has Windows Vista installed.
I don’t want to delete my Windows Vista that is installed.
Please provide instructions on how to do this?

John T.

The first step I would take is to go into the Windows Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Disk Management. Select you primary boot partition, right click on it and elect to Shrink the volume. If you are offered the option to do so, the maximum size it can be shrank will be entered for you. The amount of space should be 40 GB or more. I would not take away all free space. If it allows 100 GB, then make it 50 GB for instance, but not less than 40 GB and not all of the free space you are offered.

Once the Windows disk has been shrunk, you have enough space to load SuSE. You must download either the 32 bit or 64 bit versions. Boot from the selected disk and SuSE should install into the vacant space and install a new boot loader called grub which will offer the option to load Windows or openSUSE at start-up.

Let us know if you need more information.

Thank You,

A couple of things can keep you from being able to shrink the volume enough to make room for Linux.

You will need to turn off the Windows Paging File. (Swap File)

Also, Volume Shadow Copy may use space at the end of the drive and you will have to turn off Volume Shadow Copy and delete any Shadow Copies that exist.

Once this is done, you can defragment the drive to put everything toward the beginning of the drive. You may need to run Disk Defragmenter several times to get everything moved. After this, you should be able to shrink the partition down nicely.

When you get it, then you can go back and re-enable the Windows Paging File and Volume Shadow Copy, if you need it.

Now, you should be ready to install openSUSE.:slight_smile:

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