Install KDE - New to OpenSUSE

I am from the debian world and wanted to try opensuse. I had it install GNOME but would like to get KDE installed as well. I am used to using apt-get install kde. I installed apt in opensuse and updated the sources.list but when I try to use it it doesnt work. I also tried using yast but nothing happens. Is there anything I can type in a shell that will install KDE with dependencies? I can open YAST and see KDE but i really dont want to have to go though all those packages to see what I want and dont want (like languages and stuff). I figure there has got to be an easier way like in debian.


If you open YaST > Software Management and choose “Patterns” from the drop down menu, then it is just a matter of a single-tick of the KDE3 Desktop to install on your system.

ok cool. Got it. Thanks for the fast reply.

While you are at it, try to select KDE4 as well it will run nicely parallel to 3.5 !

I tried to follow your tip - but all i get with “KDE3” are the I18n moduls for KDE3 - no libs, no modules

In Yast2 Software Management:

Click the drop-down menu next to Filter:

In the panel on the left titled “Graphical Environments”, scroll down until you see KDE3 Desktop Environment.

Click the checkbox next to KDE3 Desktop Environment.

In the lower-right of the Yast2 Window click Accept.